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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



ok, recently aku delete account facebook aku..huhuhu. so, ramai juge le yg tnye, Why? KNape? How coMe? let me be honest. By deleting my FB account, i'm free of stalking people's profile and i'm free of people who stalks me! yeah! definitely a good decision to make kan? lgpun, just want to be like sir ayie. mse sem dua dlu, beliau slalu ckp whats the benefit of having this social net. account, n aku xpat jwb mende tu. mmglah jwpan tu simple, nk making friends, isi mase terlapang!, nk chat, nk itu, nk ini, tp ble pk balik, ade betoi nye pe yg sir ayie ckp, aku pun decide utk delete account FB aku. n.. I FELT RELIEVED! sgt relieved! yeahh!! igt yer, kalo korang post status ttg mslh korg dlm FB, 20% of them cares that you are facing it, BUT 80% love to see that you're in trouble! 

p/s: ade terpikir nk delete account x skarang?? heheh


they are MY JAR OF HEART!

p/s: i'd rather lose friends than having friends whose secretly hate me (the clique)



p/s: saya senyum sahaja hari ini! 


Monday, May 30, 2011


thats life! people will never satisfied what others have!
never let them make us down, because they're not too good to live above us!


semester 4 berlalu sudah! sedih lak rse. hehehe
btw, just nk gtw yg blog ni akan officially jadik personal blog starting from..NOW! ok?
ni first time aku de blog. (nipu giler!) heheh~ 
next sem...kne duk luar..huhu jgn rsau. rumah dah ade. tinggal nk menetap jer. huhuhu
pengumuman yer! kpd rakan2 housemates ku,,,
deposit sila byr b4 1 jun. tuan rumah sudah berubah fikiran puleerrr.. isk isk isk. 
harap2 elau dah masuk lah skg ni. kalo x, mane nk ckau dwet, lalala~


Sunday, May 08, 2011


Syairah :
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears:
According to Brutus, An honorable man, 
Caesar was an ambitious man, 
Ambitious man brought many captives or restrained home to Rome, 
But Caesar did not fill the coffins with any ransoms, 
Therefore, Caesar is not ambitious, 
and Thus, Brutus is not an honorable man as he incriminates Caesar with no concrete evidence.

Aniza Salwa:
Anthony speak not to disapprove what Brutus spoke, 
Anthony speech was based on his stand, 
He disagree for what Brutus spoke, 
Therefore, his speak was to disapprove what Brutus spoke.

Anis Suhaila:
Brutus says he was ambitious, 
No ambitious man refuse a Kingly crown in the Lupercal, 
Yet, Caesar did thrice refuse, 
Hence Caesar was not an ambitious man, 
But sure Brutus is an honorable man




it's common figure of speech that explicitly compares two things usually considered different. Most similes are introduced by like oras: “The realization hit me like a bucket of cold water.

Example of SIMILE:

Life is like a war!
Being old is like living in the coffin..
Love is like drinking a cup of coffee (sometime it's sweet, sometimes it's not..)


it's the comparison of one thing to another without the use of like  or as “A man is but a weak reed”; “The road was a ribbon of moonlight.” Metaphors are common in literature and expansive speech.

Example of METAPHOR:

Noises is the music to my ears!
Words are false idols.
You are the sun in my sky!


General Comments on 4 Articles ^____^

ok, this is my first assignment on 4 article. Respectively entitled:

1. Thinking Folly
2. Degree of Happiness
3. Men and Women are Merely Players
4. The Jews and Their Deceits


huhuhu..reading the titles has already scared me off!!

my opinion regarding on these article.
  • it seems hard to understand..
  • the article requires me to think...CRITICALLY (of course,,CL) heheh
  • The author were.... unrecognizable but their books are familiar to me.. ^^
  • the article were high lexis which are good for students like me!
  • the topic chosen were interesting. and i enjoyed reading it.
Thats all!!
overall, this assignment was tough! 




Plato’s analogy of the myth of the Cave is that people live their whole lives chained to the wall looking at the shadows trying to perceive sensible objects. Knowing requires one to investigate, think, and reason, tasks that people often do not comply to. They are therefore acquainted with images of sensible things and what they make from a certain perspective. To understand sensible objects one needs to think and investigate. To understand people must find a solution to what philosophers call the “Problem of the Universals”. There are many objects, each being separate, but when something is in common they become a type or fall under a certain category. According to Plato people sometimes don’t see that thing that is common. His point is that everything around us is or could be a lie. People need to turn their heads away from falseness (the shadows on the wall of the cave) and see reality (the daylight outside).

In conclusion, the interior of the cave is the imprisonment of people by their bodies and by themselves. People must look into the light to gain knowledge, which are what Plato and his mentor Socrates held most important. The sun is their way of gaining this knowledge as it allows people to see the truth as long as the practice reason or thinking along with it. It also makes visible the distinction between what is good and what is false

thus, here is my example of this subject. i chose. The Broken Family

  1. The prisoners  symbolises children who are suffered from parents divorces
  2. The Chains is symbolizes the family bonding
  3. The Fire is symbolize the problem that happen in family might be because of third person.
  4. The Shadows and The Image symbolizes the parents itself as they love their children but can;t help when it comes to marriage problem
  5. The Puppet Players symbolize the grandparents who can't do anything.
  6. The Old Man is symbolize Law because it gives them solution.



Euphemism is a substitution for an expression that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the receiver, using instead an agreeable or less offensive expression,or to make it less troublesome for the speaker. Some euphemisms are intended to amuse, while others are created to mislead. Whether speaking or writing, we humans use language to influence the thinking of one another; but some individuals and groups try to influence—even manipulate and control—our thoughts. In order to avoid being unconsciously manipulated, we must understand how language functions. If we do, we can distinguish actual arguments, information, and reasons from the persuasive techniques that others may use to promote our acceptance of their viewpoints.

so, here is my example of euphemistic language. yeeehhhhaaa!!

PETALING JAYA: Licensed moneylenders are rebranding themselves as customer-friendly folk to fight off competition from Ah Long.
Not only are the moneylenders working to reduce the loan processing period, they are also considering providing an auto debit system for borrowers.
The moneylenders also want to improve their image and drop the stigma of being seen as “legal Ah Long” by changing their designation to “financial providers.”
Malaysian Licensed Money­lenders’ Association (Milma) president R. Veeraseelan told The Star that the main reason borrowers were compelled to borrow from Ah Long was the long period legal moneylenders took to process their applications.
In February, Milma launched a Financial Database System (Fidas) where its 3,000 members could share information about the credit history of their customers.
Fidas, to be fully operational by June, would expedite the evaluation process and allow loans to be issued quickly.
Veeraseelan said most of the loans disbursed were normally small sums ranging from RM500 to RM5,000.
On how licensed moneylenders recovered loans, especially non-performing loans that made up about 15% of total loans, Veeraseelan said there were certainly no high-handed tactics involved.
“If they do not honour the contract, we can always issue them notices before bringing them to court,” he said.
Normally, he said, borrowers would settle the loans once they received legal notices.

Veeraseelan was adamant that none of Milma’s 1,400 members were involved in illegal moneylending activities

** the red words marked as euphemistic language.

ehem ehem! this article was taken from The Star, 1 April 2011.


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