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Sunday, February 27, 2011

PLan 9 FrOm OuteR SpaCE


do you remember??
surely remember! yeahh!!
watched this movie weeks ago.
so..whats about it??
um..sir kamaraziz told us to post a review from Rotten TOmatoes.
so, here it is....

"Bela Lugosi died during the making of this low-budget science fiction programmer, but that didn't faze director Edward Wood: the Lugosi footage, which consists of the actor skulking around a suburban garage, is replayed over and over, to highly surreal effect. Wood is notorious for his 1952 transvestite saga Glen or Glenda? (aka I Changed My Sex), but for my money this 1959 effort is twice as strange and appealing in its undisguised incompetence. J. Hoberman of the Village Voice has made a case for Wood as an unconscious avant-gardist; there's no denying that his blunders are unusually creative and oddly expressive. With Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, Joanna Lee, and, of course, Lyle Talbot."

by ChicagoReader

My Comment:

I am totally agree with ChicagoReader's comment on Plan 9 From Outer Space. It is obviously seen as a low budget movie by Edward Wood. The props and the effects use were so cheap looking. In facts, there were so many repetition done in this film. It can make the viewers to be more boring to watch this movie. However, as a tribute to Bela Lugosi who died during the making of this film, it has been a must watch movie to show respect to him. In some aspect, it can also be a good movie. Because of his unusual creative and odd expression, he was able to come out with a futuristic movie which allowing us to think critically about our future. The message he tried to portrays was so deep which could turn anyone who watch this movie to search it harder and ChicagoReader was able to comment fairly on Wood's work. =)



haia everyone!
Sorry for taking it too long to post this topic.
too busy for an assignment i guess. heheh~
naah..i've just finish my SSi or should i call it CSI..haha!
so, proudly post this blog after finishing the assignment. enjoy it!

"Pointing at a Rainbow Will Make Your Finger Drop Off"

Left Brain Perspective:
  • There is no sense that pointing at a rainbow will make your finger drop off. It is because there is no relationship between rainbow and the finger.
  • Rainbow has no magic power to make someone's finger to drop off.
  • It is nonsense because rainbow is not a living things that able to cut off someone's finger (it cannot hold knife to cut something..)
Right Brain Perspective:
  • It might be used by the elderly to teach young children not to point something which is too far as it will create misunderstanding if someone thought that they were pointing at him or her.
  • It might also be used to teach children not to point at something or someone using your index finger as it is considered as rude in certain culture. 
  • In addition, it might also be used to teach children to respect the nature. As in certain culture, nature is their god.

"A Girl Who Sings in the Kitchen is Fated to Marry an Old Man"

Left Brain Perspective:

  • It is nonsense as there is no relationship between singing in the kitchen and married to an old man.
  • The girl might not sing it loudly, so how would the old man married to the girl?
  • It is unacceptable as marriage is all fated by the god.

Right Brain Perspective:
  • It is used to teach the girl to be focused on her cooking.
  • It is to avoid her saliva from entering the food.
  • It might be considered as inappropriate as a girl should be shy.

"If Black Cats Are Allowed to Jump Over A Corpse It Will Sit Up As A Ghoul"

Left Brain Perspective:
  • Black cat has no magic power to raise the corpse.
  • It is nonsense because dead body is a not alive and it cannot sit up by itself.
  • During the funeral, there will be crowds sitting near the corpse, the cat might not enter the house. So it is unacceptable if the cat can jump over the corpse.

Right Brain Perspective:
  • In certain culture, black cat is considered as an omen. It might want to avoid bad things happen during the funeral.
  • It might also be used t warn the crowd to respect the corpse by not allowing pets to enter the house.
  • It is also used to warn the relative not to leave the corpse alone as it is their responsibility to take care of the corpse during the funeral.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

StrikE A PoSe! ;)) miSS thiNker!

ok, i know that this is not a proper image to be posted.
btw, this is the image that i found may display the pose i use during thinking.
but, in much serious face expression, ok!

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